Chasing the aroma

Chasing the aroma – Get me a food truck already!

Like I mentioned in my pilot blog, I’m a travel-food-junkie. This is exactly what made me go to Pune’s JW Marriot and spend my long Republic day weekend with my husband at their splendid property. I had essentially travelled to attend a friend’s 40th Birthday, but while I was at it, I happened to come across Marriot’s latest member – Their very own Food Truck at the PBC. A brilliant concept that made use of the beautiful outdoors, now decorated with a makeshift truck to get the actual feel of the hood and its tasty tingles. A little secret I’d like to reveal – Food trucks have always been a part of my goals and dreams. They fascinate me so much that every time I watch my favourite TV show ‘Eat Street’ hosted by the comic James Cunningham while he digs out the best street food, I get more and more motivated to own one! While I’d love to have seen a long queue as shown outside food trucks on Eat Street, this one at the Marriot was not deserted at all! It was studded with extremely cute benches that perfectly targeting the younger crowd. Another speciality was its ‘Weekend only’ appearance that made it more exclusive than normal.
While I had a hearty chat with the executive chef, he mentioned how he loves to keep it alive by changing the menu every now and then which again adds value to its charm.

Keeping all the drool-worthy signatures like Ebony and Ivory, Masala fries aside, there is a whole new section of burgers, steak and many other delectable delicacies added to their menu. We started with the Lasooni Thecha which was a Naan sort-of flatbread with an authentic touch, dolloped with cheese and gratinated perfectly under the salamander. It was just fine and not over cooked. Next up was the Chicken doughnut and the Latin macho while my vegetarian friends opted for the PBC vegetable filled with crunchy winter veggies & chili jam. Alongside, the Cajun spiced potato wedges also made them smile (obviously). What kept me hooked on was that they used the usual fillings, sides and extras and added a slight Pune / Desi touch to it. The new menu was a real treat for street food lovers as the latest addition – Hot chips has secured a place in the list among the wide varieties of the stomach fillers of flat breads. There is no better feeling than indulging into most craved junk-food from food trucks which is why we went ahead and ordered for the Nachos which are universally loved munchies that you can’t do without eating or sharing. Besides, the Zingy Pesto paneer had all the zing of some tasty and not-too-oily Pesto chutney. To conclude, we drank down all the calories and gulped down all the cheese with a refreshing array of slushies and smoothies. From the desserts they offered, the coconut with Banana, nuts and cream was the one that stood out for me.
I’d say, when in Pune, do hop over and try a taste of one the yummiest food trucks which took normal food and gave them innovative twists in the city of young blood. You now know where to park yourself for a quick palatable bite over the weekend 5pm to 9 pm

‘Buri Nazar wale tera mooh Kala’ – I have a soft corner for food trucks so PBC – This one’s for you!

Chef Rakhee’s Rate Card :

What’s Hot ?
Lassoni Thecha was pretty appetizing and the staff was extremely friendly. They seemed like they enjoyed their job. Overall, a great vibe in the middle of some greenery was nice.

What’s not?
Latin Macho is a slider I did not fancy much.

What’s Special?
Their menu changes very often which gives a lot of alternatives to your palate and mood and keeps you coming back for more out of sheer curiosity! It’s also pocket-friendly being a part of a luxury hotel

Rakhee Reveals:
The PBD food truck was initiated keeping in mind the enormous growth of young students, their exposure to world food and their palate’s demands.

Rate of temptation:
Chances of visiting this place again within a month: 80%

Timings: 5pm – 9pm
Venue: JW Marriott, Pune
Price: Rs. 200+taxes (effective since 29th January, 2016)

For more enquiries: 020 6683 3333

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