Hello my dear food enthusiasts and a warm welcome to part 1 of Palate Culinary Studio (PCS) diaries. My name is Chef Rakhee Vaswani, Founder of PCS and self-professed food-o-holic! Having spent the last twenty years on a voyage that has glazed me with sweet stories and sautéed me in memorable experiences, I feel it is finally time to begin to peel away each story that is close to my heart. These will be presented in the form of regular blog posts designed especially for my captive audience.

They say that in anything you do throughout your life, it’s the journey that should be focused on and not the destination. This is so true of my life thus far. My journey began at the age of 10, where, to the utter disbelief of my peers and elders, I would interrogate my mum, aunts and family friends on the types of dishes that they typically cooked daily and at festive occasions. I would request details of techniques and ingredients with the secret hope that they would volunteer a demonstration and tasting session…luckily they did…so I obliged! This encouraged me to begin trialing various concussions of dishes in my home, each with a subtle Rakhee twist, and eventually led to the realization that cooking was my ultimate passion!

Having been curious from a young age has helped me achieve success in abundance to date. I’m on a continuous pilgrimage of self-improvement within my chosen field and strongly believe that ‘When you teach, you learn; so don’t refrain from spreading the knowledge you possess.’ Through my eternal thirst to self-educate, refine and perfect, I have invested time in adding many feathers to my chef’s hat too! This includes a bakery course from Sophia College, a Cordon bleu certificate course at Gordon Ramsay’s Tante Marie in London and a Masters in Sugarcraft Certificate from PME in Dubai.

I strongly believe that people of all age ranges should learn to cook the food that they enjoy eating, so that they understand what each dish is comprised of and how to adapt it to their preference. I am proud to offer a wide range of classes that cover over 100 cuisines from which students always leave feeling inspired to create mouthwatering dishes in their own homes. In order to be a source of inspiration for my students, I work tirelessly in my spare time, to pick up new ideas from various international chefs, hotels and culinary schools. I believe this continual acquisition of knowledge is integral to the role that I have as a teacher and founder of PCS.

A notable accolade for PCS was more recently when we were voted Vogue Magazine’s Best State of the Art International Cooking School for our Boutique Bakery Intensive Courses. In essence I ensure that my students don’t only learn and explore but also enjoy the fruits of their own labor when engaging me at PCS.

So remember readers, always focus on the journey you go on in all your life endeavors and not the destination. It will of course be a rollercoaster, full of surprises, ups and downs but believe me you wouldn’t want it any other way! Watch this space to learn more about my expeditions, and keep your notepads handy to jot down the endless food tricks and tips coming up!